Our Pebble

June 01, 2020

Lost for words
Our voice feels small
What pebble can we toss in
That will matter at all?

But if we don’t toss it in,
Will anyone know
We stand on the banks
And not just for show?

It’s not really standing
we came here to do
We came here to kneel,
And maybe plead too.

Really, how can we expect
To kneel before our Maker
if we procrastinate solidarity
with our human family until later?

We came here to kneel -
Not on the backs of the “others”
Rather, to kneel hand in hand
With our parents, sisters & brothers

When we look our Maker in the eyes
Will we mask our face in shame?
Or will He look in our eyes because
we’re masked for someone unnamed?

While we sit in our home
A bubble away from chaos
We’re privileged to breathe
With a mask without loss

So as we stand on the banks
With pebble in hand
We may not know how to jump in
But we seek to understand

We don’t care to go back to “normal”
When all this is through
We want to get right back up
And start things anew

A new strength in families
unity and equality for each
Actual respect and sincere care
A consistent habit of outreach

Wet from the baptism of a virus,
the ashes and flame
We know in the end
Things can’t stay the same

We know we will stumble
As we try with our might
But better to try
Than to hide from the light.

People need love and
Families need a stand,
But that ripple won’t happen
If it stays in our hand.