How I Postgres

April 23, 2019

At Lambda School, we love postgres. Here are a few gems I've learned that make developing with it a joy:

PSQL for Mac

The best way to handle this is to install and then add the following to your shell profile:

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/

Et voilà! Reload your terminal and psql will be ready to go, along with other Postgres command line tools. To update to the latest version is as simple as opening and letting it update.

PSQL Profile

This file in ~/.psqlrc will configure psql with a few key settings to make it more useful:

\set QUIET 1 -- Disable logs while this script runs

-- Show if we are in a transaction or not,
-- and the current database if it's different from our username
\set PROMPT1 '%~%x%# '

-- Update the prompt when we're on a multi-line script
\set PROMPT2 '[more] %R > '

\set VERBOSITY verbose

\set HISTFILE ~/.psql_history- :DBNAME
\set HISTCONTROL ignoredups

\x auto -- Set expanded output to auto

-- Stop transactions when there's an error
-- Require the user to rollback when there's an error
\set ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK interactive

-- Make null characters print as this character
\pset null '¤'
\pset linestyle 'unicode'
-- Make tables look nicer
\pset unicode_border_linestyle single
\pset unicode_column_linestyle single
\pset unicode_header_linestyle double

-- Make intervals look clean
\set intervalstyle to 'postgres_verbose';

-- Settings to pass to `less` when paging through output
\setenv LESS '-iMFXSx4R'

-- Use visual studio code as my editor
\setenv EDITOR '/usr/local/bin/code -w'

-- Show how long each query takes
\timing on

-- Restore logs
\unset QUIET

PG Services

A lesser-known feature of psql and other bundled Postgres command line tools is the ~/.pg_service.conf file, or connection service file.

# comment

You can create as many [connection-name] blocks as you like, and name them according to what they configure. To use a specific service with psql is as easy as PGSERVICE=connection-name psql. To make it easier, I add the following to my .zshrc file:

export PGSERVICE=local

The corresponding [local] section in the connection service file points to my local machine. Pointing at production, staging, test, or other environments is as easy as changing the variable on the command line.

Running a Postgres database locally

You can use to setup and manage different versions of Postgres on your mac. At Lambda School we use Docker to set up local dependencies (and I generally prefer using Docker to