Brent Anderson

I blog about topics in entreprenuership, business, and technology. You can check back here, subscribe via RSS, or sign up for my newsletter below. No spam, unsubscribe at any time.

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👋 I'm an entrepreneur and software engineer. I work with startups and innovative companies to build great products that delight users.

By day I'm a full-stack engineer at Lambda School. By night, I'm a dad, husband, and Latter-day Saint.

As an entrepreneur, I use Lean Startup techniques to quickly get to the root of the job to be done so that we can get value to customers as quickly as possible.

As an engineer, I specialize in full-stack web and mobile applications engineering using React & React Native, Postgres, iOS/Swift, Elixir, and NodeJS. I also help teams build the best process for rapid innovation across the stack.

My playbook is simple:

  1. Start small and iterate
  2. Focus on people and their needs
  3. Help others become more excellent

With this playbook I have helped tiny early-stage startups, fortune 100 companies, and global brands achieve success.