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I'm an experienced software engineering leader & entrepreneur.

Who I am

Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.
~ Steve Jobs

I love to help businesses reach their highest potential, often with well-crafted mobile, web, and cloud-based solutions.

I have invested over a decade solving business problems and capturing value for businesses in the entertainment, education, consumer goods, consumer software, marketing, nonprofit, and hospitality industries using a wide variety of tools and strategies.

I love to teach, read, cook, listen to great music, and write.

What I do

I am presently a Sr. Software Engineer focusing on backend solutions at, a startup company aimed at helping individuals and families capture and remember the moments that made them who they are in the best possible way. Among the many hats I wear, I provide senior technical leadership to produce the best software, machine learning, and cloud products possible, and have a lot of fun doing it.

In my spare time, my wife and I operate Coriaria, an experiment in building and running a business squarely aimed at creating products that strengthen families through empowered human connection. Our first product, Everflect, helps couples take time to talk through goals, praise, challenges, and document the conversation. My wife and I collaborate on all parts of the business and products, however I lead our legal, accounting, and technical matters.

Previously, I was the Technology Manager at BlenderBottle. In this role, I built and led an outstanding technology team that provided expert consulting and results in data science, software engineering, and technology operations. I helped lead BlenderBottle in year-over-year annual growth, implement new ERP and enterprise operations software, the construction of a global campus in Lehi, Utah, and expansion into new markets and opportunities.

I recently completed a Master's degree in Information Systems Management at Brigham Young University, emphasizing in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

I also served on the board of a local non-profit, and sold apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play stores - some of which were ranked in the top-ten. I have also provided consulting services to startup, governmental, national, and multinational organizations, advising on technical strategy, developing web and mobile applications using the latest technologies and architectures.

In addition to my professional endeavors, I try to be active in public affairs and pertinent political and social issues, especially concerning censorship and the impact of social media on the general public. I was interviewed by CBS news in January 2012 regarding SOPA/PIPA legislation, and have consulted for various local, state, and federal political efforts, with a focus on organizing technology for grassroots campaigns and using Voice over IP for campaigns to cost-effectively reach their audience.

Consulting & Presentations

See My Portfolio and my GitHub profile for samples of my work and skillset. Contact me for my current availability, rates, and details.

Published Work

I keep a Blog here. Most of my posts are reposted links and articles I find interesting, however I have a number of articles and essays online.

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Infinite Development Group

We developed cutting-edge educational software for immersive, simulated environments. This project has evolved into Thorium, now operated by my co-founder.


I organized a non-profit student organization that teaches computer programming to K-12 students and provides STEM education opportunities.

Juicy Development

I founded a mobile app development shop. We published over a dozen apps on iTunes and Google Play, ranking in the top 10 globally and locally.

Police Scanner

I developed the world's first Police Scanner for a smartphone with our great staff at Juicy Development.

Conference App

I built a live-streaming LDS Conference app in one week, including newsletter and push-notification backends.

Patriot Pursuit

I developed an app that quizzes about US History and the US Constitution.


I built and led a team that developed excellent software products supporting millions of customers around the world.

Software & Enterprise Engineering

I am expert-level in the development and deployment of cloud-native solutions using a wide alphabet soup of technologies and strategies, including NodeJS, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL and NoSQL databases, React & React Native, PHP, CI/CD, and more. I provide compelling leadership strategy that combines business, technical, and interpersonal constraints and requirements to produce the right solutions at the right time.

Build For Growth

I have experience deploying elastically scalable applications to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and other public and private cloud infrastructure.

Sterling Scholar

I won the 2008 Sterling Scholar award in Business and Marketing for the state of Utah.

My faith

I served a 2 year LDS Mission to the Czech Republic and strive to live my faith and continue to Mluvít Česky.

Contact Me

I'm happy to chat and network with most anyone - below are some details on common requests

I'm on Keybase.

Consulting Consulting

My availability for consulting and freelance varies from month to month based on existing engagements.

See My Portfolio for samples of my work and skillset. Contact me for my current availability, rates, and details.

Lunch Just Lunch

I'd love to find out what you're working on, what you're up to, and swap tips or stories.

I'm more than happy to provide tips, advice, and to answer questions.

eMail Etc.

Something not covered here? Feel free to shoot me an email and we'll chat. I teach classes, give talks on various business and IT topics, and am otherwise available for most requests.